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Since its inception in June 1998, EdFirst’s emphasis has been on providing at risk youth and low income families with the skills they need in today’s culture to compete in everyday society.

For the past twelve years, EdFirst has provided quality programs and services to its community by serving at risk youth through after school programs. Starting with just fifty at risk youth in 1998, the program grew quickly to serving 1,000 youth the following school year. Programs such as etiquette classes, computer, tutoring, family nights and basketball opened the door for EdFirst to become known in the community for its integrity and genuine concern. 

Now serving over 10,000 youth, 75-percent of EdFirst alumni have pursued academic opportunities at local and out of state colleges and universities. 

EdFirst continues to strive to make a positive impact in the community in a manner in which our youth of today can become leaders of tomorrow.  

At EdFirst, we aim to build strong community and family relationships through education, recreation, and positive interaction between adults and youth.

We strive to provide youth with the education and leadership skills they need to be successful and productive in today’s society. 

EdFirst has a special passion for bringing families and communities together. We recognize the opportunity to create and promote activities that foster youth development and family unity.

Education First has taken strong measures to help youth handle the pressures in today’s society. We provide an array of youth programs aimed at building self-confidence, goal setting, and life skills.  

Our programs include tutoring, youth fitness and nutrition, and athletics. Our programs are successful and each program emphasizes the importance of prioritizing education over athletics.