Athletics Second Coalition
Education First Athletics Second Coalition (EDFIRST), a 501c3 organization, retains the right to dismiss from the program and/or refuse service to ANY participant or volunteer who displays unethical behavior or action toward the organization including its participants, fans and sponsors, per the judgment of David Wallace (EDFIRST Founder) and/or the majority vote of the EDFIRST’s board. 

Education First Athletics Second Coalition does not discriminate toward age, race, religion or gender. Our mission is to Building strong Relationships through Education, Recreation and Positive Interaction between adults and youth.
Our Mission... Building strong community and family relationships through education, recreation, and positive interaction between adults and youth.
Our Vision...We strive to provide youth with the education and leadership skills they need to be successful and productive in today’s society.
EdFirst has a special passion for bringing families and communities together.  We recognize the opportunity to create and promote activities that foster youth development and family unity.
I commend the Education First Athletics Second Coalition for the great things they do in the community, for our children, and to share my personal experiences with this fantastic,character-building organization.” K. DeLarber, Parent
" I heartily recommend the organization as one that is making a difference in the lives of adolescents that will have lasting impact.” D. Blevins, Parent
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Education First is taken strong measures to help youth handle the pressures in today’s society. 

We provide an array of youth programs aimed at building self-confidence, goal setting, and life skills. 

Our programs include:  tutoring, youth fitness and nutrition, and athletics.

Our programs are successful and each program emphasizes the importance of Education First!

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